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Gigaset N510 IP Pro & 2 x S650H Pro Office Bundle

Product number: 5357

Office Bundle DECT IP base station for mobile communication in SME Business

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Gigaset N510 IP Pro and 2 x Gigaset S650H Pro Handsets Bundle

For small businesses aiming for higher productivity

All companies need a base station to direct their communication. The N510 IP PRO is suitable for up to six users, as you can register up to six handsets on this base station. Of course, you are free to choose which handsets these are. Up to four calls can be made in parallel. The online contacts list makes it easy to find people and companies. When used together with the T300 PRO / T500 PRO telephone exchange, you can also access the corporate contacts list. Are you expanding your office and do you want to extend the range of your base station? You can add up to six Repeaters for additional coverage.

This N510 IP PRO works behind all standard IP phone networks and services from operators. And is the perfect extension towards the Gigaset pro PBX systems.

Support up to six users

Small companies also need professional telephony solutions, which is why we have the N510 IP PRO. It gives you advanced wireless communication within your company for a maximum of six users.

Four parallel calls

Peak call time? No problem, you can conduct up to four calls at once. For optimum availability.

Expandable with DECT repeaters to enlarge the range

A repeater is a good solution in larger offices with a large surface area and several floors. It can be used to easily extend the range of your phones.

Maintain the users

You can easily setup and configure your N510 IP PRO at the PC or tablet with the Web configurator.

Compatible with all Gigaset pro products

As tastes differ and as everyone has different requirements for their handset, your employees can make their own choice. The base station is compatible with all Gigaset pro products.


  • Large, illuminated, 1.8" black and white display with 4 different colour backlights
  • Brilliant HSPTM sound quality
  • Hands-free talking with adjustable volume
  • Eco Mode Plus with no radiation1 and power consumption of <0.4W
  • Long talk/standby time of up to 20/220 hours
  • Customised ring tones and colour backlights for special contacts
  • Day/night volume settings on handset and base station
  • 20 selectable ringtones
  • Generous phone book stores up the 150 entries
  • Precise dialling on comfortable, touch-sensitive keypad


Basic IP telephony features

  • Expandable phone system with multiline functionality for up to 6 handsets
  • Up to 6 SIP accounts from different providers
  • Assign SIP accounts individually to handsets (send & receive direction specifically)
  • Up to 4 calls in parallel (4 internet calls)
  • Easy configuration of internet telephony (VoIP) by wizard and download of provider setting profiles (200+ providers supported)

Enhanced IP Telephony

  • Embedded SIP VoIP with codecs: G.711, G.722, G.726, G.729AB
  • Gigaset.net: free of charge calls between Gigaset VoIP phones. Nickname search in Gigaset.net community.
  • Call transfer via R key

IP features and services

  • Online directory and Yellow Page search (multiple directories supported)
  • Reverse search (number -> contact).
  • Reverse lookup online (display of caller id from online directory)
  • Link to user defined online directory


  • New Emails are indicated on the handset by illuminated MWI-key
  • Read Emails on handset (up to 560 characters)
  • Delete Emails via handset
  • Support of POP3/POP3S Email accounts

Setup and provisioning

  • Quickstart setup software
  • Easy configuration via web server or from handset
  • Administrator friendly configuration via config file
  • Plug and Play Auto-provisioning for retail variant via
    • MAC address
    • Auto-configuration code
    • Plug and Play Auto-provisioning for operator/customer variant via: MAC address /TR069, TR104, TR106, TR111 / part 1 (part 2 on request)

System and software

  • Firmware update directly from handset, without file handling
  • Firmware downgrade to factory delivery status / last version
  • DHCP client (Option 60, 114, 120)
  • VLAN tagging
  • HTTP Proxy support incl. 1.0 compatibility for chunked messages
  • Increased virus protection thanks to protected operating system
  • Clock synchronization using NTP (Network Time Protocol) server

DECT IP base for mobile communication in SMB businesses.

Gigaset N510 IP PRO

  • DECT IP base station with up to 6 VoIP accounts
  • Expandable phone system for up to 6 users: Multiline calling with up to 6 handsets and 4 parallel calls
  • Combine with a wide range of attractive Gigaset DECT handsets
  • Excellent HD sound


Repeater yes (up to 6)
DECT Measurement Kit -
Power Supply -

Audio Features
HDSP™(G.722 wideband) yes
VAD | CNG | AGC yes | yes | -

Convenience phoning essentials
Conference: 3-way | 5-way yes | -
Phonebook transfer yes
Anonymous call yes
Call hold | call resume | call reject | DND yes | yes | -
Call waiting | call forwarding | call transfer yes | yes | yes
Access to Public Online directory yes
Access to Net-Directories (LDAP, XML) yes
Network-based voicemails up to … 6

ECO Features
Energy saving power supply: 100 - 240 Volt switching yes
Radiation-free ECO Mode Plus yes

Warranty 2 years
Weight 120g
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm) 132x105x46
Available colors white

DECT yes
LAN 1x

Special Features
Gigaset Online Infoservices yes
Email notification yes

DHCP yes
STUN yes
TCP yes
TLS yes
RTP yes
SIP yes
DECT: GAP | CAT-iq 1.0 yes | yes

Technical Specifications
VoIP protocol SIP yes
Firmware upgradeable yes
VoIP Setup via wizard | via web configurator yes | yes
... VoIP profiles for download yes
Autoprovisioning yes
... VoIP accounts 6
PoE yes
Remote configuration (TFTP | HTTP | HTTPS) yes
Security: SRTP | TLS - | -
Codecs G.711 u/a | G.722 | | G.726 | G.729AB | iLBC yes | yes | yes | -
QoS: RVSP | DiffServ - | yes
Number of base stations 1
Number of handsets to be registered 6
Seamless handover and roaming -
Max. number of parallel calls 4
Max. number of calls per base 1
Interoperability -
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